Map of Austin, Texas Breweries and Brewpubs

Austin Area Breweries Map

Boasting the most breweries in Texas, Austin’s beer scene has been growing at the same break-neck pace as the city itself. The first craft brewery in Texas, Celis Brewery, was opened here by the man who single-handedly revived the Belgian Wit beer style. Some of the very best lagers in the country are made here due to the huge amounts of German and Czech immigrants that settled in Central Texas, and perhaps also because that Texas sun keeps us pretty hot for several months out of the year. Crushing a perfectly made lager is exactly how we beat the heat.

The Austin craft beer scene has everything from internationally renowned breweries, to huge brewpubs, to smaller hidden gems; all of which are producing truly great brews. The IPA game has been elevated here as well with notable brewers relocating from Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. You can find outstanding hazy IPAs and West Coast IPAs all over town now. Hooray for that!

With 58 breweries to choose from in the greater area including the nearby Hill Country, an amazingly supportive and enthusiastic beer community, and a seemingly non-stop calendar of beer events, Austin is definitely an up and coming beer city worth exploring!

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This map of Austin Breweries & Brewpubs is pretty comprehensive and provides you with an idea on how robust the beer scene is in the Texas Capital. Our brewery tours typically consisit of 3 to 4 stops whit each stop lasting approximately one hour. 

We don't just provide you with a cookie cutter brewery tour. We customize each tour to the experience that you want to have so that you can get the most out of your tour. 

What's new with the Austin Brewery Scene?

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And Now…Two Words About “All-Inclusive” Brewery Tours in Austin

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THEY'RE NOT! There isn’t a “one size fits all” for every brewery tour group. There isn’t even a set amount of beer that works at the individual level. So how can it be an “all-inclusive tour” if not everyone gets the amount of beer that they want?

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Texas Hill Country or Austin City Limits?

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Having a hard time deciding if you should keep your brewery tour in Austin or venture out into the Hill Country? We can help you decide!

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Who Should Take a Tour?

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Who should take our tour? Great question! And here’s a great answer: YOU! Why? Here are plenty of great reasons to hop on the Beer Bus! Great question! And here’s a great answer: YOU! Why? Find the category that best suits you below and see why you should hop on the Bus:

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