FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions? We have the answers.

Q: Can I be picked up and/or dropped off at my house or hotel?
A: Private Tours, yes! We can pick up the whole group at almost any location in the greater Austin area. Multiple pickups will require a prior agreed upon arrangement (which will usually be some kind of monetary incentive). Public Tours, maybe. Call us at 512-522-7080 and we’ll try to come up with a solution. This will most likely involve your wallet as well.

Q: Do I have to be 21 to ride the Beer Bus?
A: Yes. All riders must be 21 or older, in both years and maturity level. IDs will be checked upon boarding. No maturity level test is given, but if we see you boarding with a funnel for drinking beers, we’ll know. Everyone will know.

Q: Will there be food?
A: We suggest that you eat a good meal prior to arriving. We will be drinking beer, so that makes sense, right? There will be complimentary snacks (usually pretzels) and bottled water provided onboard. Almost every place we stop has a food truck, if not an entire kitchen. There will be at least one option on every tour. If you plan to eat, we ask that you order early so as not to delay our departure for the next fun place.

Q: Will my tour ever be canceled?
A: We really don’t think so, and will do everything possible to avoid that! However, circumstances beyond our control occasionally happen, as with anything. In the event that we have to cancel, you will be refunded 100% or given a credit for a future tour, your choice. We also promise to notify you as soon as possible.

Q: What if I have to cancel my tour?
A: While we will be sad that you will not be going, if you cancel 72 hours ahead of time, no problem, you’ll get a refund. We’ll have to charge a small processing fee which covers the credit card transaction fees (you didn’t think we were going to pay that, right?). You will also receive an email containing pictures of all the fun you missed. If you need to transfer to a different tour within 72 hours, we can work with that, just contact us. There will be NO REFUNDS if you cancel within 72 hours or stand us up. Nobody likes to be stood up, but we promise to spend your money on beer to make ourselves feel better. We will probably send you the same email, but with even more pictures.

Q: What if I’m not drinking?
A: You are more than welcome to join us for all the sights, education and fun. Your cost is a mere $40 and can purchased by selecting the Designated Driver option during the checkout process. Your responsibility will be applauded, and you will also be given a free unicorn horn to wear during the tour.

Q: What if I’m already drunk before the tour starts?
A: No jokes here. You won’t be allowed on the tour and won’t be given a refund. While we do like to have fun, we will not put the other riders, our brewery partners, or ourselves at this kind of risk. Also, if you become intoxicated to the point that you are disruptive to the other riders or brewery patrons, you will be ejected from the tour without a refund. This is at the complete discretion of the driver and guide and would be absolutely terrible. Simply put, don’t be that guy or gal. There are other tours for this type of thing, but we guarantee you that we are not it.

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A1: We will be touring a production facility on nearly every tour, availability permitting. Operating brewhouses are industrial areas, and as such require closed toe shoes. If you chose to not wear them, you probably won’t get to go back and enjoy this experience, and that would be a shame. If safety glasses are required, we will provide those for you.

A2: You will need to show proper ID prior to boarding, and some of the taprooms we visit may want to see it also.

A3: Money is not a bad idea, but you probably already knew that. Our tours all include an adequate amount of beer samples, but you may want to purchase food or more beer. If you purchase beer-to-go or souvenir items (which we also love seeing), then we will reward you with a super fancy reusable swag bag to carry all your sweet stuff. Also, if you had an amazing time, our guides and drivers love cash tips! It helps pay for things, like things and stuff.

Q: What about tipping? If so, to whom shall I throw my dollars at?
A: It’s so very cool that you thought of this. We will take care of the brewery staff at each of our stops. However, if you purchase food or other items not included in your tour package, you should definitely tip appropriately. Also, if you had an amazing time, our guides and drivers love cash tips! It helps pay for things, like things and stuff. Beer tips are pretty excellent as well.

Q: Is the ATX Beer Bus wheelchair accessible?
A: Unfortunately we are not wheelchair accessible at this time.

Q: Where are the pickup points and what time do I need to show up?
A: We offer a variety of tours, so pickup points will vary with each. However, the location of each will be posted on the tour offering and you will also see it in your confirmation email. We have a lot of fun places to go, and we will be on a pretty tight schedule. We strongly encourage you to arrive at the pickup at least 15 minutes early. Most of our pickups will be breweries/brewpubs, so why not enjoy a beer and some food before heading out? If you are going to be late, please call us and you will have the opportunity to meet us at the first stop.

Q: Can we bring our own beer, liquor, food, or coolers on the Beer Bus?
A1: Beer - You will receive plenty of beer at our stops and will have the opportunity to buy more beer to go at each. Feel free to drink these beers onboard (and even share them with your newfound beer buddies) while responsibly minding your level of intoxication, so there isn’t any need for outside beers. 

A2: Liquor - No, no, and some more no. We’re here to appreciate beer, not race each other to pass out time.

A3: Food - Light snacks (typically pretzels) will be provided onboard, and there will be at least one stop that will have a food option. Some of Austin’s best food trucks are located at our breweries. However, if you want to bring your own, feel free, but be considerate of those around you. If you plan on bringing a bucket of delicious fried chicken onboard and filling the bus with that sweet aroma, you also better plan on passing that bucket around!

A4: Coolers - There are coolers provided onboard to store your beer-to-go purchases. However, if you really feel the need to bring a small cooler, we can probably work with that. Depending upon how many riders we have, it may end up being your lap or foot cooler. So maybe it’s best to just use ours.

Q: Is this a “Party Bus?”
A: No, this is a tour. While we very much want you to have fun (and you will!), we pride ourselves in the educational aspect of our operation and greatly respect our brewery partners. Believe us when we tell you that the staff of any establishment groans when they see a bus load of drunks roll up to their door. We don’t do that.

Q: Do you accommodate groups?
A: Absolutely! You are more than welcome to book your group on any of our public tours and make some new beer-loving friends onboard. Groups of 7+ can book a private tour, get the whole ATX Beer Bus to yourselves, and even choose your breweries and pick up/drop off location(s). Please see the Private Tours section for details.