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Why Take a Beer Bus Tour?

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1. Brewery tours are just plain fun!

Doing something fun is quite possibly the single best reason to do anything. You’re going to be drinking beer, the world’s premier social lubricant. So it’s quite likely that you’ll make some new friends be they visitors to our fine city, beer loving locals, or even getting to know your friends, family, or coworkers even better. Austin is home to some of the nicest people you’ll meet anywhere, so don’t be afraid to say ”hi!” You might even come away with some sweet insider info on other places to go and things to see. We’re all pretty proud of our town, except for Dave. That guy’s kind of an ass. Oh, and did we mention that you will be drinking beer?

having fun on a beer tour in austin
beer getting poured on aan austin brewery tour

2. Learn something new about beer!

Talking and learning about beer is almost as fun as drinking it. Our guides have a deep understanding of all things beer as well as Austin’s beer scene and history. You will learn about the process of making beer, and will also get a behind the scenes look at the equipment and ingredients involved. These facility tours are often hosted by the brewmasters themselves.

You’ll learn how to taste beer properly, and how to discuss what you taste in our little mini-class. Don’t worry, there won’t be a test afterward. These discussions are aimed to include every level knowledge, so you don’t have to be a full blown beer geek to appreciate them. We just want you to leave knowing a little bit (or a lot) more about beer than when you hopped onboard.

Important Side note: Ours is the only tour in town led by a Certified Cicerone®. This is the beer equivalent to a wine sommelier. So nowhere else are you going to find this level of expertise. And if you do want to fully nerd out on nearly any beer topic, James loves these kind of sidebars. Let’s just not bore the rest of the group with banter about our favorite yeast strains and hop varieties.

3. It's a safe way to enjoy Austin's awesome beer scene!

Hopefully we don’t have to educate you on the horrors of drinking and driving. With that, the importance of having sober, fully licensed and insured, educated drivers and guides who are enthusiastic to share this city’s rich beer culture cannot be overstated. We will visit three (sometimes more) breweries in a single day. If you have even a pint at each, and you know you’re going to want more than that, you’re driving will be questionable at some point along the way. Most likely before you make it back to your home or hotel. Not cool, not safe, not smart. We’re here to help you avoid all of that silliness and provide a safe way to have all of that fun!

enjoy austin's brewery scene
tour some fantastic austin breweries

4. It's the best way to see some of Austin's best breweries!

Efficiency seems like an odd topic for this list, but it fits. As mentioned before, our guides know this city’s breweries backwards and forwards. We have already done the research, and curated a list of our favorites to share with you thus eliminating that feeling you get when you’re short on time and end up in a lackluster place.

Tours are also cost effective, believe it or not. Not only will we save you the aforementioned wasted time, but ride sharing services get expensive hopping from place to place. Especially if your group is too large to fit into one vehicle. Often times our tours will go to several different neighborhoods which would further jack up that Lyft fare. During peak times and during our many festivals these rates go up even more as their availability decreases. And when is the last time your Uber driver knew anything about the brewery you were going to? You’ll also be able to keep everything you buy along the way in the van. Better not do that with your ride share. We think you get the picture here. We do highly encourage you to take one of these services to our pickup point and definitely home after you ride with us. Use them for what they are good for.

5. We offer the most variety for LOCALS!

Have a look at our tour packages, we go everywhere! Along with our in-town tours, we have the best offerings for you too. Live on the north side and want to see the south breweries without having to drive? We got you. Live on the south side, and wanna do the opposite? We have you covered too. Wanna go to San Marcos? So do we! Wanna go to Dripping Springs? So do we! And with changing locations, it’s always a good time to jump on the ATX Beer Bus! Remember, private tours go to wherever they want, just like the honey badger. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest routes!

best way for locals to experience austin beer scene
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