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The title of this article is Texas Hill Country or Austin City Limits?

  • This article was posted on Apr 29, 2022
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Having a hard time deciding if you should keep your brewery tour in Austin or venture out into the Hill Country? It can be a tough decision because they both have so much to offer, so maybe the following thoughts can help guide you a bit:

Hill Country Brewery Tour - We love these tours because the scenic drive is almost worth it in itself.  It's home to several great breweries such as Family Business Beer Company, Last Stand Brewing and the internationally acclaimed Jester King. There are so many other great places to drink as well, and the Hill Country is where you can find all of the wineries and the best distilleries in Austin. 

Another great benefit of visiting the Hill Country is that there are some hybrid locations that operate as either a winery / brewery or distillery / brewery to add even so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, the Hill Country is a great day trip, and I always recommend it. If you planning a visit just keep in mind is that it can be a 30 minute ride out there, and then 30 back. So sit back, enjoy the scenery, and leave the driving to us!

Austin City Limits Brewery Tour - It's the city you came to visit, and it is the tour I recommend to folks who are visiting from out of town and are looking for a fun way to see the Texas capital city.

If you happen to live in Austin, taking a brewery tour is an excellent way to schedule a visit to some breweries you haven't been to yet or revisit some of your old favorites to sample some new brews.

With some exceptions, most of the best breweries and cideries are located in the Austin city limits. If variety is what you are after, we can offer that in town too. We can do a stop where the biggest cidery in town has a little brewery sitting right next to it; we have a brewpub (that brews its own beer) and has a full bar with a legit cocktail list; and we even have an "urban winery" in Austin.

As a side note, nearly all of our regular brewery stops have wine lists and ciders available for those folks who haven't yet found the right beer for them. We can help with that too, by the way.

The bottom line is that you really cannot go wrong when deciding between the Hill Country or the Austin city limits tours. We hope this guide makes your decision easier, and if you have any further questions, please reach out to us directly!

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