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Hell yes we travel out of town!

Wanna get outta town? We do too! Have you already been to every brewery in town, filled up your passports, and are ready for a new adventure? Then let's go to San Antonio!

We recently partnered with Second Pitch Brewing, and I love this place! Great beer, friendly people, and they were spinning vinyl outside when I visited. It was great to meet both the owner, Jim, and the GM, Alex. We're definitely going to be stopping here!

I also made a visit to Roadmap Brewing, and I was very impressed there as well!

To round out the whole SATX excursion, we'll likely go to some of the others that I have already been to and will bear the Beer Bus stamp of approval. Those include Weathered Souls, Freetail, Küenstler, and Dos Sirenos.

It will be a helluva fun day, so book yours now!

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